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Hello dear reader, thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to comment on my posts or share them in your social network.

My name is Charissa Dechène and I am a MA cultural anthropologist who loves talking, researching and writing about visual images in everyday life. Especially by deconstructing them and connect what I see to broader social constructions, such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity and culture. I am interested in the different ways such images shape our perceptions, ideas, and opinions about socio-cultural issues in our societies. I use my background in the social sciences to provide the necessary context to these issues.

I am Dutch and live in The Netherlands. I am a Contributing Writer for Peeps, you can find my article on female superheroes here: Why I love female superheroes – Peeps Forum. An adjusted version of my blog Female Empowerment in “Mad Max: Fury Road”  has been published in the feminist anthropological journal LOVA #36, p. 50-57.

I also write reviews of TV series for a Dutch online platform. Here you can find my reviews of S4 The Americans, S5 House of LiesKilljoys and Dark Matter and more.

I would be happy to explore ways to work with you in socio-cultural research, marketing or media in which I can combine my expertise and love for qualitative research, media and visual culture.

Please feel free to contact me at observationsofthevisual@gmail.com or leave a comment.

I am also self-employed at www.ceadiversity.com
Logo CEA Diversity
You can also find me on Twitter (@charissadechene) or Instagram (@observationsofthevisual) and LinkedIn.





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